Angie Wong

Adult/Junior Development Professional

USTA Pro Certified - Junior/Adult Development Professional 

USPTA Certified Instructor

South Lakes High School Head Coach 

Coach Angie is a USPTA certified instructor with the ability to help players of varying skills improve their technique, footwork, strategy, and mental game. She has been coaching tennis to juniors and adults since 2018. She is also the head coach of a varsity girls tennis team at South Lakes High School. Angie is an active tennis player herself who has been playing tennis competitively since 2008 and has been captaining women’s USTA teams since 2011. She competed at 3.0 National Championship in 2010 and 2011, 3.5 National Championship in 2015, and 4.5 Nationals Championship in 2019. She values every opportunity to be a mentor and role model working to promote a positive, safe, and player-centered learning environment.