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  • How do I sign up for classes on this website?
    Please click HERE. This will take you to our class descriptions as well as our "Products" where you can purchase your classes.
  • What happens when it rains? How do make up classes work?
    Depending on which program you are signed up for, we encourage you to attend one of the other days that are available to make up your MISS day before the end of each session.
  • How do I know if clinics are cancelled?
    Please contact the front desk (571) 295-7779 for weather related updates and cancellations. A voice mail will be recorded giving up dates if classes are cancelled.
  • Can I sign my child up in the middle of the session?
    Absolutely! We will just pro rate the dollar amount according to how many classes are left in that session.
  • If my child gets sick or injured, can I get a refund?"
    Because of the number of clinics available to players during a month, it is rare that a player cannot complete their plan in the event of illness. In extreme cases of illness or injury, we are certainly flexible and work with you to ensure you receive the appropriate credit toward future programs and plans.
  • What if it rains a lot in a month and it's difficult to complete the clinics I paid for?
    Because of the number of clinics offered each month it is unlikely a player will not be able to complete their monthly plan. During the rainy season, players are not restricted to the 2, 3 or 4 times a week attendance but rather can come as much as possible during any week in order to complete their clinic pack. If it is an unusually rainy month, we make adjustments as needed to ensure players receive the value in their plan investment.
  • How does a player get approval to attend the high performance clinics?
    The High Performance clinics are for our top players, and approval to attend these clinics is determined by the Director of tennis and the Lead professional of the program. They are looking for players with a high sectional/national ranking, along with a strong and positive commitment to tennis and the program.


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