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SPS0 Tues Young Jrs Team Practice

SPS0 Tues Young Jrs Team Practice




Tueday Young Juniors Team Practice

  • Participant assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages and does hereby and forever release and discharge Arlington Forest Club, City Tennis Academy, Andre Iriarte, its employees, volunteers and affiliates from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated, or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of the players injuries that may arise from my child�s participation in class listed and City Tennis Academy activities. I assume full responsibility for all liability and hold Arlington Forest Club, City Tennis Academy, Andre Iriarte harmless against any such claims. I give full permission for my child to participate in any City Tennis Academy programs and will not hold the tennis instructors, volunteers and chaperones responsible for any accident or losses, however caused, and agree to release all parties involved from any claim of damages that may arise as a result of such loss or accident. Videos and pictures may be taken during the duration of the programs/classes that could be used for promotional material and online presence.

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